The New Katie Galaxy

...One lousy day
When Katie Galaxy's dad died, leaving her with the family salvage business, most miners and scullers thought that would be the end of Galaxy Salvage. Well, in some ways they were right. But in more ways they were just pissing off a girl who'd had enough crap from a bunch of strangers. Some of them would find out first-hand, the right hand to be exact, just how pissed. Some others just found they had a bit of trouble starting up their heaps to leave the bar one night. But everyone soon learned their error; don't piss off a Galaxy.

...Lay off will ya?
After some rough starts and a bit of trouble paying the bills, Galaxy Salvage was back in the game. While life wasn't perfect and she eventually had to admit she needed some help, Katie Galaxy had proved that she had what it takes to make it in the salvage biz. Galaxy Salvage was viable and Katie had done her father proud. And that's all she wanted, after all.

...But then what?
The economy has turned and there's a new salvage company moving in on her turf. This means war. Or, at the very least, lots of drinkin' and fightin'. Stay tuned for The New Katie Galaxy

... About the artist
Maggie McFee was found in a box in her mother's closet, or so her older sister told her. Her "about the artist" page, which she loathes doing and is really quite poor at, is linked below. You can also see her journal comic wherein she whines and complains at: Encre de Chine.
Who the hell is Maggie McFee?
Original Art For Sale: A shameless plea to help fund Katie Galaxy

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